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The leading Georgian winery JSC Teliani Valley PLC was established in 1997 on the base of the Teliani Winery of Vintage Wines built in Tsinandali near the Teliani vineyards in 1954. Teliani Valley’s domestic market share in bottled wine makes 48% (2007 full year estimates), while export market share stands at approximately 12% (2007 full year estimates), with as much as 65% of the volume of the company’s products exported abroad. In 2007 Teliani Valley produced 1.4 million bottles of wine, while its storage capacity makes 4.5 million litres.

With facilitation from LC, the company’s shares were introduced and are currently traded on the Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE: WINE), with free float reaching 48%. Since the investment in Teliani Valley by LC in 2007, all assets of the company were consolidated into one holding – the largest holding company in the Georgian winemaking sector – JSC Teliani Valley, which apart from the company itself includes, Teliani Trading LLC and Teliani Trading Ulkraine LLC (both 100% owned subsidiaries, which engage in the distribution of Teliani Valley’s products in Georgia and Ukraine, respectively, in addition to the distribution of third-party beverages), Le Caucase LLC (a 100% owned brandy producer) and Cupa LLC (a 70% owned maker of oak barrels). This allows Teliani Valley to be both vertically and horizontally integrated business, including vineyards development (Teliani Valley), oak-barrel production (Cupa), wine and grappa production (Teliani Valley), brandy production (Le Caucase), distribution networks (Teliani Trading, Teliani Trading Ukraine) and import of Heineken Beer, SV and Medoff vodkas and Granini juices (Teliani Trading).

The strategy of Teliani Valley, which owns 85 Ha of vineyards and land suitable for vineyards, is orientated on consolidation of its positions in domestic bottled wine market and further expansion abroad.

Teliani Valley ’s product line-up is broad and innovative, encompassing the full range of traditional Georgian wines, along with blends of international and Georgian grapes for premium products. Giorgi Dakishvili, widely acclaimed to be the best and most creative winemaker in Georgia in his generation, is responsible for the product development.